Etton Parish Council



Etton Parish Council is made up of 9 parish councillors.  They are elected representatives of their constituents and have duties to them.  None of the Etton Parish Councillors receive any pay or allowances.


Councillors have three main areas of work:


  • Decision-making through attending meetings and committees with other elected members, deciding which activities to support, where money should be spent, what services should be delivered and what policies should be implemented.
  • Monitoring that their decisions lead to efficient and effective services by keeping an eye on how well things are working.
  • Getting involved locally as local representatives of constituents and local organisations.


The contact details for your Councillors are listed below. If you have an issue you would like to discuss please contact a Laxton Parish Councillor, or come along to one of the Etton Parish Council meetings.  There is a public forum at each meeting where you can raise issues or ask questions.



Councillor John Alan Holmes,
Whitehouse Barn, Main Street, Etton HU17 7PG
Tel No. 01430 810797    Email:


Councillor Stuart Michael Bell,
High Farm Cottage,115 Main Street,  Etton HU17 7PG
Tel No. 01430 810669    Email:


Councillor Moira Jane Armstrong,
67 Main Street, Etton HU17 7PG
Tel No. 01430 810667   Email:
Councillor Mark Dicconson
Chantry House, Chantry Lane, Etton, HU17 7PG
Councillor George Arthur Eggleston,
Snilsworth Cottage, 93 Main Street, Etton HU17 7PG
Tel No. 01430 810583    
Councillor Sarah Gibbs,
91 Main Street, Etton HU17 7PG
Tel No.01430 810563  Email:
Councillor John Sleight,
22 Main Street, Etton HU17 7PQ
Tel No. 01430 810281   Email:
Register of Interests
Councillor Andrew John Widd,
29 Main Street, Etton,  HU17 9PG
Tel No. 07976829911    
Councillor Dr Richard Yeo
Bank House Farm, Main Street, Etton, Beverley, HU17 7PQ
(01430) 810459  Email: